Why do some liquids flow more

It is due to a property called Surface Tension here are some of the values Water The size and shape or bulkiness of gas particles and temperature are factors that affect the viscosity of gases as well as the viscosity of liquids.

Would you like to merge this question into it? What is the name of the liquid that flows in the capillaries? The one substance that heats more slowly than others is water. An example of this type would be basaltic lava.

The viscosity results fromthe strength of the attraction between the particles of the liquid.

It is easier to skate on ice than on pavement because the friction between the skates and the ice is less than the friction between skates and pavement.

The heat can be removed by channeling the liquid through a heat exchangersuch as a radiatoror the heat can be removed with the liquid during evaporation. The banging of pipes, called water hammeroccurs when a valve is suddenly closed, creating a huge pressure-spike at the valve that travels backward through the system at just under the speed of sound.

What is the resistance of a liquid to flow?

Mechanics must choose an engine oil that is the right viscosity for the season. The structure of liquid is affect by the temperature. An example of a substance that heats more slowly than many other substances is?

Milk takes longer because it is more dense. Lubricants such as oil are chosen for viscosity and flow characteristics that are suitable throughout the operating temperature range of the component. This is due to the viscosity of the liquid, or its resistance to flow.

People who eat alot of dark green vegetables, and red meats get more than people who prefer chicken and rice.

How do liquids flow? You would measure the time it takes for the fluid to flow from one point to another its distance. Naphtha and acetone are used frequently in industry to clean oil, grease, and tar from parts and machinery.

A higher viscosity reduces the flow. Examples Only two elements are liquid at standard conditions for temperature and pressure: For example, chefs need to know how to make gravies thinner than sauces and frostings thicker than icings.

This represents the tendency of hydrogen ions to interact with other components of the solution, which affects among other things the electrical potential read using a pH meter.

They may only vibrate in that postion. That is totally silly. Why do some people more easily get electrocuted than other people?

Water particles slip past each other easily, but particles of honey have more internal friction and thus do not flow as easily. This prevents theatoms from moving.

The uneven charge distribution creates bonds when ends of molecules with different charges attract each other. These may be polar bonds when one end has apermanent charge due to an atom having a greater attraction forelectrons.

Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Why do some liquids flow more slowly than others? And everyone has a different sweating pattern. Some liquids can flow faster than others. There are a few disease associated with dehydration or thirst.Liquids have intermolecular forces of attraction,these resist the motion of a liquid.

These forces have different magnitude in different liquids thus some fluids flow more easily than others. The phase diagram explains why liquids do not exist in space or any other vacuum. Since the pressure is zero (except on surfaces or interiors of planets and moons) water and other liquids exposed to space will either immediately boil or freeze depending on the temperature.

Why do liquids and gases flow but solids do not? Compare the rate of diffusion in solids, liquids, and gases. Solids that diffuses in both gases and liquids.

Why do liquids flow?

But more quickly in gases than liquids, Because of above reasons. Why do some solids diffuse in liquids but not in gases, and some solids diffuse in gas but not in liquids?. Liquid is distinguished from solid because of its ability to flow. Not all liquids flow at the same rate.

For example, honey flows at a much slower rate than water. Although liquids have a. Some liquids flow more easily than others do. For example, honey is very “thick” and flows very slowly. Water is thin and flows very quickly.

So honey is more viscous than water. Liquids that are made up of small molecules have a low viscosity and liquids with long chain molecules (such as plastics) have a much higher viscosity.

For my. Why do fluids flow? Update Cancel. ad by Springboard. Some structures are locked more solid than others. Diamond atoms are locked much more than the atoms that comprise plastic.

What is Viscosity? Application, Flow, Factors

So I suppose the answer to this question is that liquids flow because the atoms/molecules are hot enough (i.e. they have too much kinetic energy) so that the.

Why do some liquids flow more
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