Use cell phone driving essay

It is pertinent to highlight that hands-free phones have also similar negative impacts during driving; both distracts attention, although hands-free cell phones do not require manual handling. If the mistake of driving drunk driving can land a driver in jail within seconds of being on the road, how come a driver impaired at the same level is free to continue endanger the welfare of innocent bystanders?

In the same year statistics revealed that only 30, drivers were given a Fixed penalty notice FPN for the offence, compared toin [29]. Using a mobile device at a stop light is considered a distraction and leads to a ticket. Drivers become careless while driving when using cell phones.

Cell Phones while Driving essay

The effects of ticketing this negative consumption externality of mobile phone use while driving can be seen below. Does this mean we must stop using airbags and tires?

Cell Phones: Should Their Use While Driving Be Prohibited? Essay Sample

It is sad that it seems society has gone numb and is more focused on their personal comforts than to take a second look at the reasons why too many of these accidents occur in the first place. Get Access Cell Phones: As of January30 states plus Washington, D. People that use cell phone while driving are not aware of their surroundings.

This means that one in every four accidents is due to driving while on the phone. Different studies have reported hundreds of deaths during a year because of using cell phones during driving. The increased percentage of people using their phones can be attributed in part to the growing affordability of smartphones.

Many states in the United States have banned texting on cell phones while driving. Those violating the ban usually face fines and points on their licence. Although the statement is true that cell phones are not essential for driving, the authors failed to include that airbags save far more people than they kill and did not mention that the Firestone tires were defective and eventually recalled.

While talking on the phone, even hands free, you lose the ability to concentrate needed to drive: In contrast, the University of Illinois meta-analysis concluded that passenger conversations were just as costly to driving performance as cell phone ones.

Cellphone use should not be legal while driving because it will help prevent more accidents and also prevent more deaths. I believe that in order to halt the mounting death toll caused by talking and driving a ban must be put into place.

The perception, vision, general awareness, and concentration of the driver are impacted while communicating on a cell phone during driving. In approximately the same period the number of crashes has fallen by 0. Ticketing is often the best choice as it affects only those who are caught performing the illegal act.

Bencardino, Simon Blease, Furthermore, drivers has also to operate both, vehicle and cell phone, simultaneously, that also distract attention leading to dangerous accidents, and in some cases resulting in death of driver and passengers. Undesired Situation by Using Cell phones during Driving Billions of people throughout the world are using cell phones in daily routine life.

This is why it is not illegal for one to read in a car, or eat in a car. Focus of the driver is not on the road or traffic and it becomes difficult to handle phone and vehicle at one time.

Argument Essay on the Use of Cell Phones while Driving

Drivers are too busy talking on they are cell phones to pay attention to the road. There has already been 14 countries around the world with working bans on cell phones an now many states and major cities across the United States are now considering similar bans.

Each state law, however, has its own unique features. Using mobile phone while driving not only puts our lives in grave danger s, but also the countless lives of others in risk. Many studies have been put forward to show the detrimental effects of cognitive distraction on driving. Gravelle, The main advantage to avoid using cell phone during driving is ensuring safety of driver, vehicle, and other people driving on the road.

Mobile phones and driving safety

Using a cell phone as a GPS that requires the driver to touch or swipe the screen is also illegal. We should be doing more to address this growing issue by getting all the states to adopt a law that bans cell phone use while driving.

The Dangers of Cell Phone Use While Driving Cell phone use should not be legal while driving, it causes many accidents even fatalities. Technology does exist which can integrate the numerous factors which a driver exhibit distraction in a phone call Sturnquist, In in the US, there was a reported 5, people killed by distracted drivers.Over the last few decades, the use of cell phones has become a very common tool.

Furthermore, Technology has certainly advanced, and the cell phone is becoming the most preferred mode of communication. The demand for a cell phone is growing every day. Free Essay: Cell Phone Use While Driving should be Banned in all States Imagine you are driving down the road and you begin to notice the car in front of you.

Mobile phones and driving safety. Jump to navigation Jump to search. A As the study notes; " this is the third in a series of studies that we have conducted evaluating the effects of cell phone use on driving using the car following procedure (see also Strayer & Drews, ; and Strayer et al., ).

The Use of Cell Phone While Driving Essay Sample

Across these three studies, Cell phones while driving essaysThe use of cellular phones has spread like wild fire in the last ten years.

It has become a part of everyday life for many American citizens, and a good number of people depend on them to carry out daily operations. Unfortunately, many of these daily operations occu.

Essay on Cell Phone Use and Smoking while Driving Should be Banned - Cell phones have been known to distract the driver from concentrating on the road. But. Talking on a cell phone may be less distracting than some other activities people may engage in while driving, Froetscher admits, but she points out that the use of cell phones and texting devices.

Use cell phone driving essay
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