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I have been guilty of judging people the moment I saw them, but quite often my first impressions have proven to be wrong First-impression error. The recency effect is the opposite of the primacy effect; it Selection interview perceptual errors essay to the tendency of the brain to be able to recall items or individuals at the end of a list or group more easily, just as it does with those at the beginning.

Perceptual errors are errors in judgment and understanding. Common internal attributions Running head: I have stopped generalizing characteristics based on my own expectations. When I saw things not being done in the way I wanted them to be done, I would get annoyed, uneasy, and I always believed that I Selection interview perceptual errors essay a perfectionist and expected the same of every nurse that worked with me.

To avoid the halo error, remain actively aware of the fact that there is little or no connection between separate, objective competencies. According to the text, it is the process by which individuals select, organize, and interpret sensory data.

The perceptual process begins with environmental stimuli and ends with a response or behavior.

The first impression error is just what it sounds like, the tendency of the brain to continue seeing an individual in the same light as it did when they made their first impression. The three components of perception are the perceiver, the target the perceivedand the situation.

But with time and education, I realized that many things have changed and I have adapted to new ways of doing things; even if it meant investing more time and effort to learn new skills.

Over time that must have changed or I lost my touch. There was a time when I considered myself open-minded and a good judge of character. I have even made some mistakes in selecting nurses for my unit who looked impressive during interviews, but have failed miserably when they began work.

Also, having given undue weight to an irrelevant aspect, you might pass on an excellent candidate. In an interviewing setting, if you had a handful of candidates to work through in a day, the first one or two might stick out in your mind more clearly because of the primacy effect. I have found that the maximum output from people comes out when they are themselves, and do the things they like to do, in the way which they try to do it.

For example, you might think that someone who just graduated from a world-renowned university is better qualified than the candidate from a less prestigious school.

Keep an open mind and pay attention to what your candidates can contribute to your company. I now have a different perception when I see and work with people around me. It took some time, but I realized that everybody comes in with a different frame of mind, attributes and culture.

The following is less likely to attract your attention, even if he fits the bill to a tee.


These are examples of perception errors. Projection is the tendency for individuals to see their own traits in other people. The opposite can also happen.

Appearance Individuals who share your style, music tastes, values or ideas might grab your attention, prompting you to choose a kindred spirit. These are some of the frequently seen psychological pitfalls that can occur in an interview setting.

Stereotyping is to perceive an individual as a member of a group and thus having group attributes. Internal factors include motivation, learning, personality, expectations, needs and interests such as sex, money and ethnic identity. I try to acknowledge good and efficient work, as well as being mindful of the time and effort other individuals dedicate to completing patient assignments.

Because of this, you may not even notice that you find yourself more comfortable around someone you perceive as similar to yourself, or perhaps not thinking as highly of somebody who failed to make a positive first impression. Having lived an experience which has re-evaluated that concept, I realized that had I not thought it through and reconsidered my perceptions and attributions I would not have accomplished the social and emotional gratification of being a nurse.

The text mentions the five most common perceptual errors: The nature of the environment therefore influences what is perceived as normal or appropriate. Attribution is an explanation of the cause of behavior. I always had bias over people who had similar traits like mine, though they might not have been the brightest among the pack similarity error.

The perceiver responds to meaningful environmental stimuli and perceives what he or she wants and expects to see. Continuing with our example, the halo error would occur here if you rated the candidate high on unrelated areas, such as Adaptability or Creativity, because you were so impressed with their sales history that your high rating in that area influences your other ratings.

The strategy to avoid this error is the same as avoiding the primacy effect, making sure to not assign more value or credibility to these individuals just because they may be easier to remember.

Since you also need to validate the perceived information, the next steps of the interview are just as important. Another key way to combat this error is to follow a consistent, structured, behavioral based interview program.

Like perceptions, attributions can be inaccurate because of biases, including the fundamental attribution error, the actor-observer effect, and self-serving attribution. I have been in the field of nursing for many years, and through those years I have developed my own style of working and require things to be done in a certain way.

We will write a custom essay sample on Perceptual Errors or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER The perceived is said to be influential in the perceptual process because certain general attributes of the perceived object, person or idea influenced what is noticed and what is not.Errors that Employers make in the Interview and Selection Process May 25 Selecting the most qualified candidate when hiring is one of the most important decisions managers make.

Selection Interview Essay - Selection Interview "Selection is increasingly important as more attention is paid to the costs of poor selection, and as reduced job mobility means that selection errors are likely to stay with the organization for longer." Perceptual selectivity operates when we are perceiving other people.

It can lead to a. The perceptual errors in the selection interview According to (Rollinson, ) who defines the perception as: “A mental process involving the selection, organisation, structuring and interpretation of information in order to make inferences and give meaning to the information”.

The Effectiveness of Selection Interviews into focusing on inappropriate stimuli in some circumstances and ignoring information that if the opposite. a number of perceptual errors have been identified, and those most relevant the selection process is described in detail below More about The Effectiveness of Selection Interviews Essay.

Selection interview: 5 perception errors to avoid. If you are the head of human resources or a business executive, you know that making the final decision.

Work Careers Jobs Essays - Selection Interview. My Account. Selection Interview Essay. Selection Interview Essay and as reduced job mobility means that selection errors are likely to stay with the organization for longer." (Torrington and Hall,p) Applicant’s Self-Perception after Undergoing Employment Interview Essay.

Selection interview perceptual errors essay
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