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It tackles not just school tardiness but its implications on work tardiness. Effects of Tardiness Tardiness among students has its own negative repercussions. The authors added film-watching late at night as a cause for tardiness. Lack of a firm and consistent policy on punctuality also encourages students to come late at school since there are no consequences attached to lateness or tardiness.

These studies promoted integration of personality development and interdisciplinary programs into school curriculum to aid students enhance positive behavior and personality leading to the decrease of tardiness.

Knowing the possible effects of lateness or tardiness, it is necessary for solutions to be executed.

Another reason is the lack of motivation. Students under the interdisciplinary program exhibited more positive behaviors from students not from the curriculum. According to the results of the study of the U.

We want to say that if an employee comes late to the office, if directly affects their productivity. A lot of studies as well gave testimonies to effective remedies on tardiness. Another study was the one conducted by Enamiroro Oghuvbu in Nigeria.

One of the mentioned reasons of tardy students was waking up late in the morning, which can also be attributed to late-night activities, Related literature in tardiness foreign as social networking, watching movies and television shows, as well as untimely academic and domestic errands.

It shows that "students who are on-time for school classes are also likely to be on-time at work while students who are tardy frequently at school will probably also be tardy at work" Weade, The sample was made up of 20 principals and 50 each from a set of teachers, parents and students. The heavy traffic, the teachers, the school surroundings and policies may also serve as influences to the tardiness of students.

We cannot allow you to come late from now onwards. The questionnaire had four questions, one of which was about the causes of lateness among the secondary students of Nigeria.

It must begin with the parents of the students and the government must take part as well. There had been some theories that pointed out that tardiness is caused by the personality of a person.

According to the results of the study, three out of 60 respondents are always late, eight said they are sometimes late, 12 said they are seldom late and 37 said that they never get late due to late-night use of Facebook.

Her study showed that among high school students, the grade point average is correlated with absences and tardiness. Another factor that could affect the punctuality of a student is the response of the teachers to tardy students. Habitual tardiness can also be learned from other members of the family, especially from the older ones.

As cited by Weade, the 3rd most common cause for the failure of a student is "excessive tardiness and unexcused absences" Ligon and Jackson, They should be punctual in their own meetings and classes to avoid students to think that being late is just alright since even the authoritative persons are doing it.

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It is understandable that coming few minutes late is normal for everyone due to the traffic rush in the morning; however you often come late by 30 minutes. First, we will give a definition of tardiness and present some theories and facts about it. Cordogan as cited by Weade,said that a school in Chicago, Illinois adapted a similar curriculum and yielded positive results.

Next, we will discuss he various factors that causes the students to come to school late, the psychological theories, the observation of the teachers and the personal reasons of the students.

A certain question asked the respondents if late-night use of Facebook has an effect on their punctuality. They should as well teach it and integrate it in every lesson. We have come to know that you are still coming late to office regularly.

Nakpodia and Dafiaghor attribute lateness or tardiness to a lot of factors or causes.

Foreign review of related literature about tardiness

Thus, it is a lot important to value time and practice being on time while being a student. It includes facts about tardiness, the different factors that causes it and its effect to the students as students and as bearer of their own lives in the future.

Interdisciplinary students showed less absences and tardiness, as well as higher grades. In this chapter, we will be discussing about the background of our study. It is also the reason why the most important lessons and subject matters are discussed during this time.

Going late to bed and waking up late next morning are the most common. It is because the students are most mindful and observant at this time of the day.9 CHAPTER 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES This chapter presents the related literature and studies after the thorough and in.

20 Chapter II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE This chapter describes the reviews of related research conducted both in India and Abroad. The researcher finds out some of the reviews of literature which. CHAPTER 2 Review of Related Literature and Studies Foreign Literature Student Performance Galiher () and Darling (), used GPA to measure student performance because the main focus in the student.

Chapter 2 Review of Related Literature and Studies This chapter consists of the related studies and literature in local and foreign settings. The fact that vocabulary is an important component of reading comprehension for all readers has been well established. View Notes - Chapter 2 Thesis Sample from BSA at Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

Chapter 2 Review of Related Literature Foreign Literature The major curricular reform will occur in an%(6). Foreign review of related literature about tardiness September 13, Uncategorized Anyways, i still don't know developmental psychology so i guess i'm only writing one essay tomorrow accompanied by an apology letter.

Related literature in tardiness foreign
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