Problems faced by educational system in india and its solutions

The answer is — No! Awareness must be created and for this media will be very useful. The education system should be reformed and initiatives should be taken to bring more children to schools.

Poverty may affect the moral and self-esteem of people living in extreme hardship. Otherwise any detoxification or rehabilitation also will not able to solve the problem of alcohol addiction.

Lack of funds further creates a lack of books and learning materials. These too are the effects of illiteracy. Adequate investment in these fields will increase the productivity and efficiency of the manpower.

It will decrease the rate of unemployment which ultimately results in decrease of poverty in economy. Children are the future pillars of the economy and involving them into child labour will only make those pillars weak.

People should clean the areas of keeping food; clean their area of staying to promote cleanliness. The economic growth of the country not only depends on natural resources, technology and capital but mainly on the quantity and quality of manpower.

Also by being always positive, one can get rid of those superstitions. When a family is poor, they often have no choice but to send their children out to work. Political and Bureaucratic Involvement — Majority of the Politician and Bureaucrats have an age which makes them senior citizens.

Superstition is one of the major social issues affecting the entire country. Some of the rural schools have the faculty which is not qualified enough which further degrades the quality of education.

Education in India - Problems and their solutions

People should make a proper area for sanitation so that public health will not suffer. The causes behind the Sati system are: Search Education Problems in India Education Problems in India have been in existence for quite some time now and these continue to dog the concerned.

Education policy Educational policy need frequent update. Many teachers lack enthusiasm due to their meager salary. So our education is unproductive.

People should clean their areas and take care of personal hygiene to stay healthy and away from any diseases. India has reached remarkable achievement in the economic sector and this has brought a lot of changes in the education sector.

Women are deprived of their basic right to live their life. Superstition arises due to human fear.Hence, to improve our education system teachers should be better trained and more importantly better paid. You cannot imagine a country without respecting teachers.

6. Medium of Language of our Education System. This is also a big problem that needs to be addressed. We are not able to decide on the medium of language of our education. Problems Faced By Educational System In India And Its Solutions Since the Stock market valuation of the ‘Big Pharma’ companies has dropped sharply.

Discuss the causes of the pharmaceutical industry’s current problems and steps that companies are taking to tackle them.

Problems Faced in the Progress of Education in India

The paper “Challenges faced by the education system in India” uses literature to investigate the various challenges that are being faced by the education system in India and provides suitable solutions to overcome these challenges.

Education Problems in India, Problems in Indian Education System and their solutions. Current Educational Problems in India Article, Essay, Discussion etc. Another obstacle faced by the schools is that obtaining more teachers because of state guidelines that approve of high student-teacher ratio.

Social Issues in India (causes, effects and solutions)

Lack of books and learning. In India, the caste system is mainly profession based. India has been a victim of caste system since ages. The causes, effects and solutions of Caste system in India are discussed below: Causes: The main reason behind the growth of Caste system in India is the assignment of caste based on job specialization.

There were different types of jobs. Problems Faced in the Progress of Education in India.


Article Shared by. ADVERTISEMENTS: Problems of Education: Despite our best efforts, our educational development still remains at a low level. Our education system is based on General Education. The dropout rate is very high in primary and secondary level.

Problems faced by educational system in india and its solutions
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