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I feel this because in my three poems, they present the reader with a character, who is living in another culture, and show there feelings towards this culture, being negative.

There are various key messages shown thought the poem. He carried on by writing this poem about hid journey back to District Six. This shows that the writer is directly questioning Other cultures poetry essays reader, to make them understand the problem that she faces; in this case, the two tongues represent the two different languages encountering each other.

It is used to portray happiness of the moment and the wet children playing in the sun just having a good time. Another alliteration is the hard P sound, polished to perfection this suggests brightness. Vultures should be read in a cold, dead tone, to emphasise all the horrors.

After analysing both poems, I have to say Vultures is my favourite as it has more background to it, it has more room for exploration into the poem itself. As readers, it is very interesting to understand their different views about mixed race backgrounds as we are from a different culture to them.

The poet includes three alliterations the first is small splash, these are two short words with the liquid s sound and it suggests the little sound of water dripping.

Vultures are used in the poem as a symbol of evil and to introduce the theme to us. Achebe wrote Vultures to make the reader think about subjects that are only thought about momentarily.

Poetry From Other Cultures Essay

It is also written in free verse, with lines of different lengths. The sound of a roar fo tongues, pictures the noise of the water a sit is comes out.

This is because it makes the reader feel they are talking like the poet. The second is the sudden rush, again the liquid s-longer words or groups of sound this time, and it suggests the torrent of water.

She feels that forgetting her language could lead to her losing her culture. Achebe also thinks about, not just World War 2, but all the unlikely places in which love can be found. This gives a visual image of water shining in the sun and sge describes as treasure.

This shows the extent of the abuse this man suffers whilst he is speaking to this woman on the phone. Maya Angelou had a disruptive childhood when she was three her parents divorced and she was sent to live with her Grandmother in a different state.

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Achebe wrote this to highlight things in human nature that are forgotten about. Her biggest problem is perhaps her language. Shamed by ill-mannered silence, surrender pushed dumbfoundment to beg simplification.

His mother was white and Portuguese but his father was a black Englishman, therefore making him half-caste. Both poets confess the difficulties of living in different cultures and not knowing their fixed nationality. The point that the poem revolves around. More essays like this: Unmistakably, this is indeed very poignant and sad.

The imagery used in the poem is the tongues, which are cleverly used as a representation of language throughout the poem. However, he seems to use this feeling of anger as a way of getting his message across. Vultures is set into 2 stanzas.

Adolf Hitler was said to love all children and animals but he was still mainly evil. In this example, he is describing how Tchaikovsky composes his symphonies. In the poem the man is clearly offended by the racist, unnecessary remarks made by the women on the phone.

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There is no regular rhyme scheme although Other cultures poetry essays a few lines rhyme in the poem. The balance of the stanza stands for inequalities, which should be balanced, as Afrika sees it should be.

He encounters this problem of racism when he is spoken to in a absurd manner by a women on the phone. The poet describes the water as silver. Hire Writer In the poem light is used at the end of the poem.

This is to show that he is breaking the rules of what people feel is important as he feels he is breaking the rules by existing. This creates a problem for her as she finds it difficult to live in her new culture.Cheap online essays. Get Cheap Essay Papers; Hire Essay Writer.

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Poems from Other Cultures Both 'Search For My Tongue' and 'Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan' deal with the idea of inner conflict or confusion.

Literary Arts Essays / Poetry Essays / Poems from other cultures and Traditions: Blessing by Imtiaz Dharker; May 26, in Poetry Essays. 0. Poems from other cultures and Traditions: Blessing by Imtiaz Dharker. Imtiaz Dharker who now lives in India, Bombay, wrote Blessing. The poet describes the land cracking open because it is so.

On the other hand, Moniza Alvi was born in Pakistan and has achieved the Poetry Business Prize in Both poets confess the difficulties of living in different cultures and not knowing their fixed nationality. HOME Free Essays Poetry from other cultures. Poetry from other cultures Essay. B. Pages:3 Words This is just a sample.

John Agard and Moniza Alvi have two different attitudes in there poetry about there mixed racial backgrounds. John Agard uses a very proud attitude as on the hand Moniza Alvi is very unsure about her personal .

Other cultures poetry essays
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