Nigeria a multi ethnic nation

As is the case throughout Africa, the nations of South Africa mostly correspond to specific regions.

Multinational state

The paper recommends what role social studies education should play in teaching multi-ethnic issues in our schools so as to enable students understand other ethnic groups outside theirs and be able to co-exist peacefully in the country to bring about a virile nation Introduction Nigeria is a multiethnic society consisting of about ethnic groups.

Demonstrations, rioting and various forms of violent agitations become instruments in interethnic relations. But it is not going to be an easy choice.

The National Question has worsened since the advent of military rule. Many people were killed. It has been at the forefront of the discontinuation of the death sentence even if the convict were a murderer; to AI death sentence is nothing short of state sanctioned murder.

In homogenous nations, law and order governments often work wonder if only briefly. The argument is that their international credentials would make Nigerians easily believe any manipulated stories they are fed by either of the entities.

All three states were intended to be incorporated in the Union of South Africa, but those plans never came to fruition because of power struggles within their apartheid governments. In other words and to employ a philosophical parlance, many African nations are merely nations in themselves rather than nations for themselves.

The travesty is that the process of sacking the supposed leader who is killing his citizens often kill more of those same citizens; the aftermath of the misplaced interventions kill even more.

Okene observed that if Nigeria wanted to use language as a cohesive force of effective nation-building, people must be resolved to face the challenges of tribalism, which has eaten deeply into the national structure. What is our developmental war-cry in relation to a situation of staggering inequality and biblical poverty?

Ghana[ edit ] During its colonial time Ghana was imperialized by many countries and empires including the British Empire, the Portuguese Empire, the Danish Empire and the German Empire. For example, there are more SothoTswana, and Swazi people living in South Africa than in the bordering nation states of LesothoBotswanaand Swazilandrespectively.

There were varieties of links which existed between the various states and peoples which were the predecessors of modern Nigeria, For example, there were links among Kanem-Bornu, the Hausa States, Nupe, the Jukun Kingdom, the empires of Oyo and Benin, the Delta States and the loosely associated Ibo communities Hodkins, The British Army also played a key role.

Its strategy, from the much that have been seen, is to continually issue reports aimed at forcing the army into a position where it is constrained in its operation against Boko Haram terrorists it is fighting in the northeast of the country.

Political Instability leading to Ethnic Crises Nigeria has been characterized by perpetuating socio-political instability right from the first three years of her dependence.

Multi-ethnic education is necessary m a country like Nigeria so as to enable students to understand other ethnic groups outside their own and in so doing, ethnic tolerance, understanding and mutual interrelationships across ethic boundaries would be enhanced.

The spat with Dasuki now smacks more of personal animosity.

Lesotho still claims large swathes of South Africa, and attempts have been made to cede some South African territory to Botswana and Swaziland.

Combining the various definitions for the purpose of bringing the various dimensions under a single definition, Sanda defined an ethnic group as consisting of interacting members, who defined themselves as belonging to a named or labeled social group with whose interest they identify, and which manifests certain aspects of a unique culture while constituting a part of a wider society.

This writer was also initially of that persuasion.

Onitsha, out rite Publishers. Out rite Publishers, Gordon, M. This is to enable one of the languages to emerge as an indigenous official language in future.May 22,  · The greatest concern comes when one realizes that Amnesty International and Transparency International will soon be exploiting Nigeria’s.

13 days ago · A legal wag genuflecting on President Muhammadu Buhari’s latest executive salvo noted that the former infantry general has finally declared “ a rule of war” on the nation.

With over languages spoken (Ethnologue ) it is of no doubt that Nigeria is truly a multi-ethnic Nation. Nigeria was created during the British colonial rule.

It was established in when Lord Fredrick Lugard (the First Governor General) joined the two British protectorates of Southern and Northern Nigeria and Lagos as the crown.

Different ethnic groups in Nigeria Ethnic Background “Genocide is the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.” (Genocide). Nigerians or Nigerian people are citizens of Nigeria or people with ancestry from Nigeria.

Nigeria is composed of multiple ethnic groups and cultures and the term Nigerian refers to a citizenship Cameroon: 4, Nigeria is a multi-ethnic nation with various cultural groups that are about three hundred in number. InNigeria was not yet a nation.

Nigeria now has been a multi-national society, one of the sociological problems of building Nigeria as a nation is multi-ethnicity with its concomitants such as multilingualism and completive ethnicity.

Nigeria a multi ethnic nation
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