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This only aims to indicate that the atmosphere surrounding the two organizations is almost relatively the same. SWOT analysis of the market nowadays Strengths The independence of the textile industry acts as a source of huge strength to the players in the industry.

Mkt425-Case2 Louis Vuitton in Japan

At this particular time, the company had offered to have runaway items available for the customers as a gift fro the shopping and festive season.

As a result f his, it is true to draw the conclusion that Gucci remained as one of the strongest companies due to the fact that it was in direct control of the distribution process Trimarco This means that people from al over were able to easily access the variety of products that were offered by Louis Vuitton during the Christmas shopping period.

The high indirect taxes, together with power and interest rates make it very hard for the players in the industry. The main communication strategies that were used by the organization during the past Christmas season have been analyzed in the sub categories indicated below.

By the time the year was turning, the fan page had had already made an attraction to more thatfans distributed all over the globe Vandome The rapidly spreading expansion of the industry throughout the whole globe is creating more opportunities in the industry Jones This is accompanied by the current global trends in the economy and the ever changing fashion trends.

The critical analysis that seeks to compare and contrast the different communication strategies that were employed by the two companies has mainly used the main areas of comparison as the In-store communication, online communication, communication within the UK and International communication.

As is also clearly indicated, the analysis between the two companies has been done in the light of the similar market SWOT analysis that is also presented in the paper.

As a matter of fact, it was as an attempt to grab the shoppers during the Christmas window that Louis Vuitton became the first luxury brand that launched a twitter account that was officially meant to act as the first step towards integrating the strategy about digital communications that it had started.

Online Burberry has been able to effectively take full advantage of the marketing department, the talented creative media it has and the IT teams in the organization to ensure that it emergs as the expert in the digital arena.

Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Gucci Comparisons in UK, France and Japan The fact that Burberry is has its head luxury houses in the United Kingdom meant that the in-store strategy that was used by the company in its universal stores had more effectiveness in the stores in UK.

In the same analysis, Louis Vuitton was the major force in France given the fact that it is the homeland. The industry is highly dependant on cotton.

Communication Strategies

Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Gucci comparison of the Communication Strategies for Christmas period Burberry Communication Strategies Burberry remains by far one of the most successful luxury fashion houses that are found in the United Kingdom. Online Just like its competitors in Burberry, Louis Vuitton was very instrumental in dealing with the Christmas shopping period by use of the internet services.

As a matter of fact, it is the level of communication enhanced by a sales promotion method that determines the extent or the level of success of the sales in the promotion. This is further added by the fact that abundance of raw materials helps the industry as a whole to effectively control the costs of production and fasten the process of production Huseman Bottlenecks that are found in infrastructural inefficiencies such as transaction time spent at the ports Bonnye On the other hand, though, y building the store in London, Louis Vuitton became very effective in offering revived competition to the Burberry stores in the country.

This increased the level of personal attachment to the customer hence most of it ended up as being actualized sales. In addition to the fact that Gucci is one of the strongest brands dealing in elegance, the fact that they used the strategy of accurate distribution to the stores during the shopping season means that they could not be easily beaten by their competitors.

Finally, it is true Mkt425 case2 louis vuitton in japan conclude the fact that Japan as a country was shared by the three luxury products, stores although Gucci had an upper hand as compared to the other power houses.

As a matter of fact, Gucci has the strength in the fact that it had very many stores that are directly operated by it. This played a huge role in determining the way customers engaged with the brand and offered the retail outlets with unlimited sales opportunities as far as in-store sales promotion was concerned Pearce The charged in-store retail theater that was newly launched specifically to accommodate the shopping season was aimed at creating a whole new difference for the luxury consumers that are found in the modern day.

As a way of increasing the effectiveness of the method in ensuring that the sales figures shot up, the specific customers involving in the events in store were sent invitations that were personal videos. The opening up of the store and having a new store for customers was more than enough of an in-store promotional activity.

Apart form the obvious increased sales volume at the time, the method invited with it the opportunity for the company to broadcast its content directly to the stores all over the globe.

Hire Writer Introduction Communication is not only just an aspect in business bit it has grown to be a very vital component in any sales strategies that are used by an organization. This was a very strategic move that was aimed at not only expanding the sales that were made in the month of December during the festive season but it was aimed at ensuring that the Burberry which is basically based in London received its fair share of competition.

As a strategy to counter the Facebook page that was opened by Burberry, Louis Vuitton also went ahead to add to their twitter account a Facebook account.

As a matter of fact, Burberry was the leading brand on luxury that had most number of followers on Facebook Pearce Online Online communication was also another point of strength that Gucci used to ensure that it tapped the highest per cent age of customers during the shopping period.Louis Vuitton in Japan Harvard Case Solution & Analysis In this study, the opportunities and challenges, Louis Vuitton, the leading European luxury sector multinational firms in Japan, given the unique characteristics of brand management and the integration of culture and consumer behavior in Japan.

LOUIS VUITTON IN JAPAN1 Kawakubo2 relive her memories in such an original and creative way.”3The Omotesando guerrilla marketing event reflected Louis Vuitton’s success in Japan. Louis Vuitton had been following an presented in this case are not necessarily those of Louis Vuitton or any of its employees.

MAJOR LOUIS VUITTON IN JAPAN CLASS PRESENTATION 1. LOUIS VUITTON IN JAPAN SYNOPSIS CONTD This case deals with the opportunities and challenges of Louis Vuitton in japan, a top player in the European luxury fashion industry, taking into account the unique features of brand management,integrating culture and consumer.

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1) What has made Louis Vuitton’s business model successful in the Japanese Luxury market? 2) What are the opportunities and challenges for Louis Vuitton in Japan? Since Louis Vuitton entered the Japan market init became the most popular luxury brand in Japan by having 28 percent share in Japan’s market.

The key success of LV in Japan is mainly contributed by the appropriate balance in keeping the brand globalized while localized at certain areas for the Japanese.

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Mkt425 case2 louis vuitton in japan
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