Indelible memories

If anyone does have any memories of this man, I would love to hear from you and your stories. He was a good teacher with a strong Christian faith who later founded the evangelical Free Church in the village.

I was just 18 at the time and all the National Servicemen were in their early twenties, but they looked after me like a young brother and kept me out of trouble most of the time.

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Every morning after the register we chanted our times tables, and then did our sums - often on slates to save paper. It all looked very strange, but perhaps not too surprising, because the name on the paper was Peter Goring, who was the captain of Arsenal around that time.

Anyone remember his craze for winning the Drill Cup?

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Although she resumes her work as Batgirl one year after recovering her mobility, she continues to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder when exposed to gunfire that could result in receiving new spinal damage.

To bad for him. The music eventually came back on, but soon after Alan disappeared from 2SM. I was only 17 years and proud to be a member of the Service I wanted to join since a child. Both girls could more than hold their own in banter with the young men of the village. After our milk and playtime we read from the Beacon books.

I can still see that awful brown lino on the hut floor and the time taken to polish and buff it with some antiquated metal shoe on a stick ready for inspection. After a couple of weeks we had gone through most of the pains of sore feet, injections, rifle drill and other disciplines and managed to impress our D.

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He had supposed to have provided busses for us and instead had 6 byes for us. And of course it was Alan who went to Sydney Airport to do the first interview with Sherbet when they returned from their first overseas trip in December In Marcha deluxe hardcover version of the book was released, featuring recoloring of the book by Brian Bolland.

I was dumfounded the first time it happened and I could tell the Flt. The Rector during the war was the Rev. I happened to be out in the town of Swanage when a voice from out of the blue shouted out my name and No 18 Flight this turned out to be that of Bob Ferguson one of the R.

I had the honour to be made the "stick-man", at the completion of our training.

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Farther down Church Road you came to Priory Lane, and on the corner was a small stone cottage where Fred Pinder lived with his parents. And I miss you. The road then curved to the right and the village War Memorial, which was on an island in the middle of the road, came into view. When arising,and turning around it would be one helleva-lot more than being startled.

The things that stick out in my mind was that needle when a couple of the lads fainted, also there was one Airman who had pyorrhoea so it was stand well back when he talked to you, other than that, under tents was a hotel, meals on plates was a luxury, kit and billet inspection a piece of cake.

I had been dreading being called up as I was older than the other chaps having had 6 years deferment. They rejoined the marathon at the end, but they were too fresh and were charged. On the walls there were drawings in black ink which had been used in school lessons many years ago.

The uniform of the day was dress whites, and our barracks detail arrived at Mt. Within minutes everyone had been reduced to cursing sweating heaps of humanity. Bill was also a Vietnam veteran. Nor did he lack courage.Feb 27,  · Read the fascinating story of a young boy growing up in a Gloucestershire village in the s.

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31 Dec - Personal Memories: Dick Dunn. I was so sorry to read the sad news about the recent passing of Richard Dunn. As a former Walthamstow resident (as were my parents), I'd corresponded with him several times, and it was a delight to "talk" to him via e-mail and to share his enormous knowledge of Walthamstow and his enthusiasm for the stories and articles that appeared on his website.

04/15/ Enjoyed your Web site about Eastwood Mall, Mr. Wells. I grew up in Oneonta AL in the 60s (OHS Class of ) and remember when it opened.

Indelible memories
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