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Which of the following statements are true in respect of the wealth tax return to be filed by an assessee? VISION To establish a Icfai business law papers network of Research and Teaching Universities in different states to ensure high quality academic delivery and to promote a strong research culture among the faculty members.

These publications are designed to cater to the needs of executives, managers, professionals, practitioners, entrepreneurs, advocates, academia and students, with cutting edge research papers in various domain areas and inter-disciplinary topics, interviews, case studies and book reviews.

A bill of exchange. Sale is effected by a transfer of the documents of title to goods after the goods have crossed the customs frontiers Icfai business law papers India.

Alternative director in a public limited company; II. Sri Krishna Limited with paid-up capital of Rs. In case of breach of a warranty in a contract of sale, the buyer can a Repudiate the contract b Claim damages only c Reject the goods d Refuse to pay the price e Not reject the goods.

A return, which shows the net wealth below the exemption limit is deemed to have never been furnished. On January 24,he was allotted bonus shares by the company at the rate of one bonus share for every four shares held. You are required to compute the capital gains in the hands of Mr.

Seshadri whose basic pay exceeds Rs. The excise duty is not chargeable from the manufacturer a On the goods which are used within the factory b On the goods which are captively consumed in the factory for the further manufacture c On the goods which are given as free samples d On the goods which are given as free replacement e On the textile goods manufactured on a job work basis, at small units.

Exports through the agents. Maintenance of security of India. In the above situation, discuss, whether the two members of the Audit Committee can form quorum for the meeting? The capital gains earned by a local authority are fully taxable. Losses incurred on the sale of the shares held as investments IV.

As per section of the Companies Act, a foreign company means? The income from the supply of electricity outside the jurisdiction is exempt from tax.

B, having failed to discount it, returned the bill to A, who tore the bill into two pieces intending to cancel it, and threw the pieces into the street.

The company secretary advised the Board of directors to form committees so that, they need not waste money, time and energy of all directors.

Dhananjay who works as an officer in a private company uses his own car of c. The University has been notified under Notification No.

Decide whether Kartik can be appointed as director in Wise Ltd. Which of the following is false? Discuss whether, the company has violated the provisions of Sec A of the Companies Act, if not so, how much amounts further the company apart from the existing investments can invest in other body corporates?

The income from the sale of the coffee grown, cured, roasted and grounded by the seller in India without mixing any flavouring ingredients is treated as agricultural income to the extent of a 40 percent b 60 percent c percent d 50 percent e Nil. On March 26, he sold all his shares at the rate of Rs.

His employer incurs an amount of Rs. Which of the following is the scope of the company? Director in an unlimited company. Loss of the advances made for setting up of a new business and which could not be started III. Director in a company registered as an association not carrying on business for profit.

MISSION The primary mission of ICFAI is to create a cadre of professional men and women who have been imparted specialized skills, who have learnt to consider problems from a broad perspective and who have acquired a heightened sense of moral and social responsibility that their future positions of leadership demand of them.

The Institute announced its arrival into the Indian education fora by launching a high end, innovative professional program in financial analysis in B picked up the pieces and pasted them together in such a manner that the bill seemed to have been folded for safe custody rather than cancelled.Thus, the legal education at the ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad is broad-based and at par with global standards.

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It prompts the student to Choice Based Credit system and student may opt credits/courses from various combinations of specialized courses in law such as the Business laws, Constitutional Law, International Law, and Intellectual Property.

ICFAI University offers distance flexible learning programs like MBA, Sectoral MBA, Executive MBA, BBA Course. ICFAI Business Schools Hyderabad | Mumbai | Ahmedabad Bengaluru practitioners, entrepreneurs, advocates, academia and students, with cutting edge research papers in various domain areas and inter.

ICFAI University publish over case studies every year; professional quarterly research journals in various fields of management, finance, science.

Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI) University Management M.B.A Business Law Question paper Course: M.B.A University/board: Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI) University.

Mar 29,  · ICFAI Question Papers Group G I want to get the question papers of MBA Group G of ICFAI University.

So can you provide the question papers? business environment and law management principles #10 March 29th,PM Unregistered Guest: Posts: n/a Re: ICFAI Question Papers Group G. please send. Responses to “ICFAI MBA Papers” Please send me question papers of ICFAI University MBA Group F: BUSINESS LAW and MANAGEMENT CONTROL & INFORMATION SYSTEMS (of the years and ) Thanks.

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