Gcse food technology coursework evaluation

Customer Research — Questionnaire A very important aspect of research work is a survey or questionnaire. Your work will be presented on A3 landscape so you need to take this into consideration when setting out your work. Existing Product Research This is a summary of current products available similar to the one you have chosen to develop as your final product.

Each task which will provide the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge, developing of ideas and making skills to produce 4 highly skilled dish outcomes and supporting unit of work.

They will learn to modify and adapt recipes to take into account of dietary requirements and to develop individual original work. Students will learn about the issues relating to safety and hygiene in Food. You should choose a top and brief that interests you and that best suits the skills that you have developed.

An effective way to do this is to produce a mind map. A questionnaire is usually composed of a series of questions that are put to a number of people. This is only a starting point but will help you gather a wide range of information in one place as a starting point.

You cannot work on your controlled assessment outside of lesson time, however you can research recipes and developments, existing products and ask others for their opinions on products you have made and might want to make for the project.

Approaching design

It will take 10 hours of supervised time, of which 4 hours are to complete the practical outcomes. Food Technology Key Stage 3 In KS3 students will be developing their knowledge of food, nutrition and the principles of the eatwell plate.

Task 2 will demonstrate research, investigation, development of recipes trials, planning, production the dishes and evaluation. Specialist Research into the Design Brief 4.

Types of Questions —A number of possible options is given e. Once you have decided on your design brief and have a clear idea of the project you are undertaking for your Food Technology coursework you will need to focus your ideas to stimulate some research.

This is how your work is assessed: You will be provided with a task by your teacher which has been selected from a list of tasks provided by AQA the examination board.

The students will be producing a wide range of dishes that reflect these topics. Students will learn about Food and Nutrition.

It is a 20 hour project of supervised time, of which 4 hours will be for the 4 dish outcomes and 3 hours are for the practical recipe trials. The year is divided so that the students rotate through the three subject areas of Food, Textiles and Resistant materials carrying out a short focused task before selecting their options and pursuing their favoured discipline for the remainder of the year.

Students will pursue 2 coursework tasks. In order to gain top marks you are required to read the context, highlight the key words and write a summary where you analyse and list the key points.

Food technology

You should choose from the attached list of tasks: They will learn how to store, prepare and cook food safely and hygienically using a wide range of skills, processes and equipment.

You will also need to carry out a detailed product dissassembly of a similar product before you begin your development section.

Food Final Evaluation

A useful way to present this information is as a moodboard. The students will cook a range of dishes which will develop their confidence and ability in using kitchen equipment and technical skills. This will show the examiner that you have produced individual research relating directly to your project.

Food Technology Coursework PowerPoint Presentation, PPT - DocSlides

The remainder of task 1 will consist of a maximum of 8 pages of A4, demonstrating research, planning and evaluation of the project. Initial Research — Moodboard As a starting point you should then research the topic and find out about as much information and existing products as you can.gcse geography coursework assessment evaluation pack Summer Book Free Reading Summer Book ID Summer Book Free Reading Gcse Geography Coursework Assessment Evaluation Pack Summary: ocr gcse design and technology food technology qualification information including specification.

Food Preparation AQA / EDEXCEL: 8-page wkbk +cue cards, dough, raising agents, setting mixtures This 8-page workbook is the 6th and final workbook in this series which takes GCSE students through all aspects of food preparation skills which th /5(7).

Successful product design involves learning from other designs which have features similar to the ones you want in your product. You also need to be able to evaluate the quality of your product.

Title, Contents page and Border sheets–THERE ARE NO MARKS FOR THESE! Page 1 - Title Page - No marks for this sheet, but it is the first page the. GCSE Food Technology Coursework Guide This coursework guide offers valuable Template in common> Technology> GCSE Food Technology> GCSE Coursework.

Type of research Questionnaire Findings Summary of findings. good idea to compile an evaluation to help you to decide which ideas to make. gcse food technology controlled assessment Testing & Evaluation Testing a prototype / developed design is a very important part of the design and manufacturing process.

Gcse food technology coursework evaluation
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