Essay on our brave soldiers

Short Essay on an Ideal Soldier

When all are asleep soldiers stay awake for the safety of their citizens. Brigadier Usman was not just a fierce soldier but also a compassionate man. Realising that Srinagar and the airport would be vulnerable if they abandoned the battle at this point, Sharma ran from post to post, encouraging his men to fight in the face of an enemy that outnumbered them seven to one.

India was praised by all the countries for respecting the LOC.

Our Brave Soldier Essay

Major Ramaswamy Parameswaran Source: Naik Jadu Nath Singh Source: Here we find the recruit in his gray uniform, heavy black boots, a jungle hat and a rifle slung over his shoulder. Then he is posted to a battalion or regiment. Batra set out to save him. During the war, he stepped on a landmine and severely injured his leg.

In fact, he also engaged in hand-to-hand combat with the enemy and killed four more Pakistani soldiers. He defends the honour of his motherland with his life and blood. Here he undergoes further training. May God help him to maintain the glory and integrity of this great country.

Just Imagine if you wake up in the morning and found yourself in the mountains where cold winds freezing your breath, deep snow everywhere and temperature below degree Celsius. It was late night when Parameswaran was returning from search operations in Sri Lanka, when his column was suddenly attacked by a group of militants.

He stands heroically before his enemies. We are under devastating fire. The Pakistani Army wanted to cut the connections between the Ladakh and Kashmir and later occupy Kashmir slowly. Though Khetarpal was in a different squadron, he rushed to help, moving towards the enemy, overrunning the defences with his tanks, and capturing Pakistani infantry and weapons.

Khetarpal even managed to destroy one of the withdrawing tanks.God Bless America! and God Bless our brave soldiers Showed first characters. Do you need an essay? Here are the options you can choose from: Custom essays: Order plagiarism free custom written essay All essays are written from scratch by professional writers according to your instructions and delivered to your email on time.

Read and be inspired by 10 army heroes whose tales will not just make your chests swell with pride, but whose sacrifices will leave your eyes moist.

They disregard freezing cold temperatures and scorching heat to always remain brave, awake and devoted towards us. I shall not withdraw an inch but will fight to our last man and our last.

He leaves his family and friends behind and fights for his all are asleep soldiers stay awake for the safety of their citizens. Solidiers-Essay/paragraph for children,students, word soldier says a think about the life of a soldier. We, the common man only think of our soldiers when the country faces a.

Short Essay on an Ideal Soldier.

10 Army Heroes and Their Extra Ordinary Tales of Bravery

Article shared by. be a Maratha, a Sikh or a Rajput.

Essay on Role of Soldier in Defense of India

He is the best symbol of the secular character of our country. The soldiers in free India helps in many civilian jobs as well as locust-fighting, crop-cutting, bridge building, road making etc. Short Essay on an Ideal Teacher.

Essay on the “Role of Soldier in India’s Security” in Hindi

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Free Sample Essay on Role of Soldier in Defense of India.

Importance of Soldiers in India

Every Indian contributes something as far as the defense of India is concerned. But the role which a soldier plays in defending and protecting the borders of India is really unparalleled. A soldier is the most disciplined lot of the nation.

Essay on our brave soldiers
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