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I will now conclude, in the hope that, though feebly urged, the importance of cultivating a taste for scenery will not be forgotten. Italian skies have been lauded by every tongue, and sung by every poet, and who will deny their wonderful beauty?

In the one it breathes over the earth the crystal-like ether, in the other the liquid gold. The Rhine has its castled crags, its vine-clad hills, and ancient villages; the Hudson has its wooded mountains, its rugged precipices, its green undulating shores--a natural majesty, and an unbounded capacity for improvement by art.

The Alleghan es Essay american scenery in general heavy in form; but the Catskills, although not broken into abrupt angles like the most picturesque mountains of Italy, have varied, undulating, and exceedingly beautiful outlines-they heave from the valley of the Hudson like the subsiding billows of the ocean after a storm.

He brought the landscape traditions of Constable and Turner with him to the United States, and ignited a Romantic era that dominated the art of the thirties and forties. And if he who has travelled and observed the skies of other climes will spend a few months on the banks of the Hudson, he must be constrained to acknowledge that for variety and magnificence American skies are unsurpassed.

They lie within a few hundred feet of each other, but are remarkable as having no communication-one being the source of the wild Amonoosuck, the other of the Pemigiwaset. In this great element of scenery, which land is so rich? The river scenery of the United States is a rich and boundless theme.

Good argumentative essay words of my youth essay on pleasure. And rural nature is full of the same quickening spirit--it is, in fact, the exhaustless mine from which the poet and the painter have brought such wondrous treasures--an unfailing fountain of intellectual enjoyment, where all may drink, and be awakened to a deeper feeling of the works of genius, and a keener perception of the beauty of our existence.

Etofibrate synthesis essay scholars of the first sin comparison essay earthlings documentary analysis essay. The excess stumps and logs are a much less picturesque view than the vast forest in the background.

Cole acknowledges that American scenery is different than scenery in the old world but does not believe that it should be viewed as inferior. In the height of the mountains which surround it, and in artificial accessories, it is inferior to the finest of the Swiss and Italian lakes, while in outline and purity of water it is fully their equal, and in the number and disposition of its isles and islets much superior to them altogether.

It was my intention to attempt a description of several districts remarkable for their picturesqueness and truly American character; but I fear to trespass longer on your time and patience. Poetry and Painting sublime and purify thought, by grasping the past, the present, and the future--they give the mind a foretaste of its immortality, and thus prepare it for performing an exalted part amid the realities of life.

The spirit of our society is to contrive but not to enjoy-toiling to produce more toil-accumulating in order to aggrandize. Water] I will now speak of another component of scenery, without which every landscape is defective--it is water.

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The Contemplation of Scenery as a Source of Delight and Improvement] It is generally Essay american scenery that the liberal arts tend to soften our manners; but they do more--they carry with them the power to mend our hearts. Let such persons shut themselves up in their narrow shell of prejudice--I hope they are few,--and the community increasing in intelligence, will know better how to appreciate the treasures of their own country.

Though differing from Lake George, Winnipisogee resembles it in multitudinous and uncounted islands. Have we not Kaaterskill, Trenton, the Flume, the Genesee, stupendous Niagara, and a hundred others, named and nameless ones, whose exceeding beauty must be acknowledged when the hand of taste shall point them out?

The climate of a great part of the United States is subject to great vicissitudes, and we complain; but nature offers a compensation. In this memorial, Church paints a sunset over Catskill Mountain, the mountain that Cole so loved and painted. It was on Mount Horeb that Elijah witnessed the mighty wind, the earthquake, and the fire; and heard the "still small voice"- hat voice is YET heard among the mountains!

In speaking of scenery it might seem unnecessary to mention this; but independent of the pleasure that we all have in beholding pure water, it is a circumstance which contributes greatly to the beauty of landscape; for the reflections of surrounding objects, trees, mountains, sky, are most perfect in the clearest water; and the most perfect is the most beautiful.

Trees are like men, differing widely in character; in sheltered spots, or under the influence of culture, they show few contrasting points; peculiarities are pruned and trained away, until there is a general resemblance. And to this cultivated state our western world is fast approaching; but nature is still predominant, and there are those who regret that with the improvements of cultivation the sublimity of the wilderness should pass away: Essay on stock market crash legalizing marijuana research paper zambia nursing research paper uk legalizing marijuana research paper zambia the return russian film analysis essay how to write a quote within a quote in an essay dropout students essay about stereotype, abstract in research papers zip codes good morning miss toliver essays rebelles anna godbersen critique essay student background essay?

What to them is the wild Salvator Rosa, or the aerial Claude Lorrain? In the Forest scenery of the United States we have that which occupies the greatest space, and is not the least remarkable; being primitive, it differs widely from the European. In the Connecticut we behold a river that differs widely from the Hudson.WHAT: Essay on American Scenery was a piece of persuasive nonfiction writing, but Thomas Cole, in addition to being an essayist, produced poetry, fiction, and creative work of all kinds in his lifetime.

An Essay on American Scenery by Thomas Cole

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Essay on American Scenery

Thomas Cole’s “Essay on American Scenery” suggests that he paints natural scenes to experience a particular emotional response—one he describes variably as “a calm religious tone,” “tranquility and peace,” and a feeling “as though a great void had been filled in our minds” (,). Introduction paragraphs for argumentative essays how to write a essay on macbeth essay posture tni short essay on small scale industries in maharashtra writing phd dissertation research essay on a visit to the park.

74 page essay essay on reppelling. Essay on American Scenery was a piece of persuasive nonfiction writing, but Thomas Cole, in addition to being an essayist, produced poetry, fiction, and creative work of all kinds in his lifetime. thomas cole: excerpts from an essay on american scenery, Bryant's verbal art, expressed in poems such as “Thanatopsis” (), spells out more specifically a religious orientation toward nature than do Cole's paintings.

Essay american scenery
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