Descriptive essay an athletes home

This leads to a shortness of breath. Reduces endurance levels — Your stamina will decrease, this will have an noticeable effect on your sporting performance. If you have the correct amount of sleep: If you do consume any alcohol: Socialising — People tend to smoke in groups, naturally you will socialise with each other whilst smoking.

If you smoke then you will not be as fast, fit or strong as your non-smoking competitors. Muscle tissue is repaired — When you train hard an athlete needs to give their muscles time to recover so they can grow bigger and stronger, the more sleep the better.

More essays like this: In addition, it will be hard to counter your opposition even if you did remember their play style due to a lack of energy. Socialising — Alcohol consumption is seen as a way of having fun, by drinking alcohol you get the opportunity to socialise with other performers and teammates outside of the sport you play.

Sportsman are either always training or always playing a match, this means they are more physically involved and are in better shape than people with normal jobs. If you do not consume any alcohol: Positive thought processes — Having a rested mind allows positive thoughts to come about much more easily and frequently, therefore when you are encouraged by your coach or captain you will be more motivated to perform at your best.

In conclusion I think that stress is more likely to decrease your performance that improve your performance because from personal experience I feel better playing sport when im nice and relaxed under no stress feeling warmed up and ready to play.

It gives us the opportunity to get ourselves looking and feeling in better shape.

Puts more pressure on the heart: Restricts the airways leading to a shortness of breath: Rewarding — Some athletes do enjoy an alcoholic drink after working hard on the track; some may say it acts as a reward for all that training they have done. If you choose to not have a balanced approach to drinking alcohol it could be what stops you from getting the results you deserve in sport.

If athletes started smoking, their oxygen intake would reduce. Relaxing — All athletes are told not to smoke by their coaches, however some athletes feel the need to because it relaxes them and their mind this may help them when it comes to playing a match.

Most sports that athletes take part in are physically demanding. Stress To be stressed is the state of psychological and physiological tension, every athlete experiences some sort of stress at some point in their sporting career.

Athletes are involved in very competitive competition, for example in Tennis the top individual athletes for men and women compete against each other in tournaments, a good example of a tournament where you see this happen in Tennis is at Wimbledon.

Improved memory — If you play the same team twice in a season and you have been instructed to man mark their best player by your coach and you know how he plays, this gives you an increased chance to counter his attacking plays during the match.

The best tennis players from all over the world come together and all play against each other, however only one person prevails and comes out as champion for that year. You can see why this can create stressful situations for performers; this is because everyone has their mind set on winning.

Audience — Athletes of all ages have their families, friends and fans that come to watch them play sport, some more frequent than others, supporters always want to see their athletes perform well in front of them this brings good morale to some competitors.

This benefits you because the stronger you are the easier it is to lift weight Stronger bones and joints — Long distance runners have strong bones especially in their legs because they are always active, this keeps their joints moving and strengthens their bones Stress release — Taking time out to exercise can be seen as a stress release, this can be a better way of relaxing instead of drinking alcohol Negatives on taking part in physical activity regularly are: Sleep is our recovery period; it gives us the opportunity to rest from physical activity and repairs our brains mentally for the next day.

Overall, there is no doubt that physical activity will only improve your sporting performance physically as well as mentally. No matter how hard you train, if you are consuming alcohol it will always have an impact on your sporting performance. The one who has more sleep will be able to react and anticipate situations quicker than the other.The dedication required to balancing school work and practice is the most difficult part of being a student athlete.

I find that student athlete proves to be harder than most people think it is. Everyone thinks that it is just an easy ride when you are an athlete at the University of Nebraska. Athletes Lifestyle Essay Sample In the following essay, I will describe the five lifestyle factors that can affect an athlete.

I will then go on to analyse each of the factors and how they affect an athlete’s lifestyle. An Athlete’s Home Home is where the heart is.

Athletes Lifestyle Essay Sample

If this is true then, my heart belongs to a special place. Not just any place, but a place where the chalk line connects the grass to the dirt, where three bases signify my safety, and a green fence is my brick wall. My Home of Yesteryear by Mary White Situated on the bend of a horseshoe-shaped dirt road that intersects a back country highway is the place I called home as a child.

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Descriptive essay an athletes home
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