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This would effectively help the writer in achieving his purpose. In addition, another language technique is the use of rhetorical devices. One such is the provision of statistical data and facts. In conclusion, for the writer to convey his purpose effectively, a variety of organisational strategies including statistical data and facts, examples and illustrations and comparing and contrasting.

The tones exerted in this extract are clear, confident and informative. Initially, a profusion of organisational strategies were used by the writer. More essays like this: Throughout the extract, the writer compares whether it is necessary to take vitamins and supplements or not.

This would effectively help the writer achieve its purpose by adding interest to the piece. Additionally, the use of examples and illustrations was presented. It also clearly supports the points the writer is trying to bring across to effectively help achieve the purpose.

This appeals to the ethos of the reader. The register used was appropriate because it is a formal piece that is intended for an audience interested in health and providing educated information on whether it is necessary to take vitamins and supplements or not.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The writer is knowledgeable about the topic and hence can display a confident tone which aids in effectively achieving his purpose.

Upper register was used with a formal syntax with Standard English. As well as organisational strategies, a multiplicity of language techniques were utilised to effectively achieve the purpose.

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In some of the examples the writer presents, comparing and contrasting is used. The writer expresses confidence by giving credible and reliable sources such as University of California, Berkeley.

There were various examples given to support the point the writer was trying to convey. In this extract, the writer employs a variety of organisational strategies and language techniques to effectively convey this purpose.

Communication Studies Essay Sample

Upper register was appropriately used because the extract is a published piece that addresses an audience about health. This entices the reader to think whether we can really have a healthy diet with high nutrient levels, thus effectively allowing the writer to achieve its purpose.Communication Studies Essay Sample.

Communication studies

a.) The writer’s purpose is to explain the value of taking supplements, vitamins and minerals; even with a planned, balanced nutritional diet, they enhance diet, nutrient levels and health in today’s world.

Communication studies or communication sciences is an academic discipline that deals with processes of human communication. There are three types of communication: verbal, involving listening to a person to understand the meaning of a message; written, in which a message is read.

This portfolio focuses on the theme “Social Deprivation” Internal Assesstment Subject: Communication Studies Candidate Name:Renae Scarlett School: Spot Valley.

CAPE Communication Studies IA Please note that the example of Language/Dialectal Variation used in the Expository piece is "Jamaican Creole" and may not be a.

Communication Studies S.b.a2 - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Scribd is the world's largest /5(2). The Media and Communication Studies Program consists of credit hours taken over two years.

The following sample program is offered as an example of a student’s course load for the duration of the program.

Communication studies i a sample
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