Case 5 under armour challenging nike in sports apparel

Two Exhibits Table 1.

These proposals will enable the company to improve its image and profitability in the domestic and global contexts while reducing the cost of providing quality products and services to the customers.

In order to achieve this competitive advantage, organizations should focus on the adoption and implementation of appropriate business and management strategies.

The approach should also consider the organization and execution of contests with the purpose of enhancing the image and reputation of the business entity among the consumers.

According to the findings of the weighted strength assessment, Under Armour does not possess a competitive advantage over Nike. Cost competitiveness is not critical in relation to Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour because they are not considered as the best cost providers, but differentiated operators.

In spite of these developments, the company faces certain risks, which need critical management to facilitate substantial growth in the market. Such entities prove to have massive and larger possibilities in a form of resources at their service.

Accordingly, the UA should consider starting with the global strategy because of the potentiality of the approach to expand the revenues of the company in foreign countries.

Some of the critical success factors include product innovation, quality, and global strategy. The study will integrate the core competencies, strengths, elements of the strategy, and top priority issues for the management of Under Armour to address in pursuit of competitive advantage.

Under Armour Study — Challenging Nike in Sports Apparel Introduction and Situation Description Business entities in the modern context utilize their capabilities, resources, and core competencies in pursuit of achieving competitive advantage over numerous competitors in the industry.

Under Armour Study – Challenging Nike in Spo...

Strategic Situation and Analysis The company has critical core competencies in pursuit of competitive advantage in the industry of the transaction.

From critical assessment of the case of Under Armour, the management should consider addressing issues in relation to distribution, global operation, and advertising or promotion with the intention of improving its competitiveness against other players within the industry of the transaction.

The company should consider addressing three critical issues with reference to global strategy, distribution problems, and promotion or advertising.

In addition, the UA should consider investing more while concentrating on the footwear to gain a competitive position against Nike and Adidas within the competitive industry.

Under Armour UA proves to have an upper hand in product innovation because of the usage of the advanced moisture-wicking fabric. The critical issue that really hurts the company is the global strategy. The organization should consider expansion of the revenues and global operations to achieve economies of scale and facilitate pursuit of cost leadership.

This is through engaging in exploitation of the social media marketing with the intention of increasing the volume of revenues as well as the number of consumers in the niche of interest.

Moreover, Under Armour has no the fabric or process patents. Recommendations Based on the issues such as global strategy, promotion, and distribution channels, I would propose a more rapid marketing strategy.

These attributes and strategies will be essential in facilitating the effective handling of the demands of the customers. Under Armour encounters stiff competition from such competitors as Adidas and Nike. In relation to competitive rivalry, Under Armour experiences tough rivalry on the market with Nike and Adidas and other newer entities with the ability and prowess to offer products under the influence of larger resources.

The level of awareness among the consumers will enable the organization to enhance its global coverage while incorporating rapid distribution channels. The assessment notes that Nike has an upper hand in relation to the strength assessment.Case 5: Under Armour—Challenging Nike in Sports Apparel ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONS 1.

Use a “Five Force” analysis to determine how strong the competitive forces are confronting Under Armour, Nike, and The adidas Group. Under Armour is currently one of the leading companies in the sports apparel industry whose mission is to “Make all athletes better through passion, science, and the relentless pursuit of innovation”.1 When Under Armour first broke into the sports apparel industry it was a disruptive pioneer that initially made the two giants, Nike and.

Under Armour: Challenging Nike in Sports Apparel KP Sports - The Beginnings of Under Armour Five Forces Analysis Competencies Core Competence - an activity that a company performs proficiently that is also central to its strategy and competitive success.

6 // FIVE FORCES MODEL ThePorter’sFiveForcesModel!will!beusedtoanalyzethelongrunprofi tability!of! thesportsapparelindustry.!! The!rivalry!among!established!companies!billsimas.comrtsapparel!industryis.

Under Armour Study – Challenging Nike in Sports Apparel. Introduction and Situation Description. Business entities in the modern context utilize their capabilities, resources, and core competencies in pursuit of achieving competitive advantage over numerous competitors in the industry.

0 Under Armour Case Analysis Ciro Njinyaho. the external analysis of the sports Apparel will describe the attractiveness of the industry, opportunities and threats by providing valuable data and information that are associated with the industry.

Challenging Nike). Under Armour also worked with retailers to devise space in the.

Case 5 under armour challenging nike in sports apparel
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