A country which does not tax cigarettes is considering

France — Legal for sale and use. US Virgin Isles — Legal for sale and use. Alaska — Legal, though some localities ban use indoors.

Update from Oliver in the comments below: Alabama — No state law prohibiting use, with some establishments choosing to impose a ban on e-cigarettes.

Some have also banned use in vehicles when children are present secondary offense — cannot be the primary reason for police to pull you over. At the time of writing Belize is considering introducing legislation that will ban vaping in public places.

Check the social media profiles of the store if they have one of course. Legal but prohibited on properties owned by the executive. Also banned in or near some public housing.

Supplies are limited and army personnel report stocking up before going to the country. Jamaica — Electronic cigarettes are regulated as a medicine. Vapers are allowed to import up to ml of nicotine containing e-liquid for their own use. Michigan — Legal for sale and use.

Coupons for purchasing cigarettes online Duty-free shops regularly offer discount codes for cigarettes and bulk order discounts.

Pakistan — Legal for use and sale. The usual smoking regulations apply to vaping.

Delaware — Prohibited in places where smoking is banned and in Foster homes. Togo — Legal but taxed. Vaping is banned on public transport. But, single-use e-cigs are banned, although they are still sold in a lot of places.

2018 Vape Travel Guide

You should always check the regulations before buying cigarettes, especially in bulk. Maryland — Vaping is banned indoors vape shops are exempt. Vaping is forbidden in public places and on public transport. See more on UK regs here.

There are large fines for vaping in these places. Caribbean — Legislation varies. Guyana — Banned for sale. Japan — Nicotine containing e-cigarettes are treated as a medicinal product.

Legal for use but banned in public places. Minimum age is This guide is a result of my research of duty-free/tax-free cigarettes online. I’m not smoking and I’m actually against it. It’s a bad habit. Vaping in the wrong country or place can land you with a large fine - or in prison! Find out what you need to do before you, how to fly with e-cigs and the regulations for the country you are visiting.

A country which does not tax cigarettes is considering
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